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Agilely Documentation v1.0. Last updated: 26 July 2023


As the first LRT(Liquid Restaking Token) derivative, Agilely introduces an advanced decentralized borrowing protocol on the Arbitrum ecosystem, offering users an unparalleled stablecoin solution - USDA (Agilely USD). USDA is pegged to the US Dollar and stands as a beacon of stability within the Agilely ecosystem. What sets USDA apart are its extensive collateral support, encompassing assets like ETH, wstETH, rETH, cbETH, sfrxETH, wBTC, ARB, GLP, GMX and LRTs, and its groundbreaking omni-chain capabilities, leveraging Layerzero's cutting-edge technology.


Agilely provides support for the major assets that comprise the portfolio of an active DeFi yield farmer - ETH, liquid staking tokens (LSTs), GLP, and GMX (in Arbitrum). For LSTs, the protocol will support wstETH and rETH first and then expand to others. wBTC is also included to allow BTC savers to unlock the liquidity of their assets without selling any wBTC they hold.

USDA: Omni-chain stablecoin

Native Omni-chain OFT-20 stablecoin powered by LayerZero, allowing you to participate in exploding ecosystems on Ethereum L2s. USDA will initially launch on Arbitrum, Ethereum expanding accessibility and utility.

Reliable Liquidation

Liquidation mechanism of Agilely is forked from liquity, containing time-tested features such as stability pool and recovery mode.

Long-term Vision

We are looking forward to ecosystem expansion. Developing a diverse range of financial products leveraging USDA is a crucial element of this vision, accompanied by supporting more collaterals and making liquidation more efficient. The key point is to enhance USDA's liquidity, reliability, and utility.


What you are about to read is not the final version of the Agilely whitepaper. As time passes, the project develops and new features are added, the documentation will be expanded and is subject to change.

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