Get ETH on Arbitrum Goerli

To explore Agilely Version 0.1, you'll need ETH on Arbitrum Goerli (which we refer to as gETH in this article to differentiate from ETH on Ethereum mainnet). With a minimum debt requirement of 300 USDA, ensure you have at least 0.3 gETH to test our core functions. Here are steps to acquire gETH on Goerli and bridge it to Arbitrum Goerli:

1. Add Networks:

  • Search for "Goerli" and "Arbitrum Goerli" (select "Include Testnets" first)

  • Click "Add to Metamask" to add the networks

2. Get gETH on Goerli

We suggest choosing Option 1 for adequate gETH supply.

You can buy gETH from testnetbridge which is powered by Layerzero.

  1. Connect your wallet, prepare enough ETH for exchange and gas

  2. Exchange ETH for gETH on Goerli

Ez right? With just 0.01 ETH on Ethereum, you can acquire approximately 150 gETH on Goerli!

Option2: Alchemy faucet

Active Alchemy users can get 0.02 gETH daily.

  1. Log in with your Alchemy account (need to register if you don't have)

  2. Have at least 0.001 ETH on Ethereum Mainnet

  3. Claim gETH on Goerli

3. Bridge gETH to Arbitrum Goerli

  1. Connect your wallet and enter the gETH amount to bridge (minimum 0.3 gETH for Agilely experience)

  2. Initiate the bridge process, wait briefly, and verify your balance on Arbitrum Goerli

You're all set! Now, you're ready to dive into our product.

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