On the liquidation page, users have the ability to initiate the liquidation process for vaults with an Individual Collateral Ratio (ICR) below the Minimum Collateral Ratio (MCR) for each collateral type. The page provides information on the liquidator rewards users can receive and offers general details about specific collateral vaults and individual vaults.

If a vault's ICR is less than 1.15 times the MCR, the 'Action' column displays 'Risky'; otherwise, it displays 'Healthy'.

The lower section of the page displays the Liquidation Gains that users can claim if they have deposited USDA into the corresponding stability pool. For example, if a user has deposited USDA into the rETH vault, they can claim liquidation gains in rETH when a liquidation event occurs for rETH vaults. It's important to note that liquidation gains are distinct from liquidator rewards, as the latter is granted to users who trigger the liquidation rather than to the USDA depositors in the Stability Pool.

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