Close your vault

This tutorial shows how to close a vault.

  1. Connect your wallet and navigate to your Vault page (in our case: mockETH Vault).

  1. Click on "Close," and you'll be directed to a page displaying all the details of your vault. Since you're closing the vault, make sure you have enough USDA in your wallet. For instance, if you borrowed 2000 USDA, you'll need to have 2210 USDA in your wallet to complete the vault closure. Wondering why 2210? It's calculated by adding 2000 (borrowed amount) + 10 (0.5% borrowing fee + Dynamic fee) + 200 (gas compensation, which will be refunded in our case as no liquidation occurred).

  1. If your wallet contains enough USDA, you're ready to close the vault by clicking on "Close Vault." If you're short on USDA, you can select "pay debt with collateral" and then hit "Swap & Close Vault."

That's it – you're all done!

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