Deposit & Withdraw


When your vault's collateral ratio gets close to the Minimum Collateral Ratio (MCR), it's important to take action to prevent liquidation. You can either deposit more collateral or repay some of your debt. To deposit more collateral, go to the "Manage" page and select the "Deposit" option. Enter the amount of ETH you want to deposit.

The "Current" value displays the collateral currently in your vault, while the "Balance" value represents the collateral in your wallet. The information below the entry box provides guidance on how much collateral to deposit. This helps you maintain a healthy vault or meet your borrowing needs for USDA.


Even if you haven't fully repaid your debt, you're still able to withdraw a part of your ETH. The amount you can withdraw depends on your collateral ratio. The "Current" value shows the existing collateral in your vault, while the "Available To Withdraw" value specifies the maximum amount of USDA you can withdraw while maintaining a collateral ratio greater than the Minimum Collateral Ratio (MCR).

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