V0.3 User Guide

Conditions for Participating in the Test

In order to participate in the testing of version 3.0, you need to have the OG Role or Early Adopter in our Discord and request test coins or an account from the admins to carry out the testing.

What's New

  1. Redemption Feature: Our Redemption Feature is now live on the front-end page https://agilely.io/redemption/. With this feature, users can convert their USDA into collateral from currently active vaults. Vaults are redeemed in order of their Collateral Ratios (CR), starting with the ones having the lowest CR.

  2. Protocol Stability Module (PSM): We have also launched the Protocol Stability Module, accessible at https://agilely.io/psm/. Users can now mint USDA using DAI, and the PSM module will automatically convert DAI into CHAI to earn DSR (Dai Savings Rate) returns. Currently, both the Mint Fee for creating USDA in the PSM and the Redemption Fee for redeeming DAI are set at 0.5% for testing purposes. Once the product officially launches, the Mint Fee will become 0, while the Redemption Fee will depend on factors such as the amount of DAI available for withdrawal from the PSM module.

These updates not only enhance our product's functionality but also bring significant improvements in user interaction, UI, and the overall user experience. We encourage you to actively participate in the testing process to fully appreciate these enhancements in the product experience.

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