Agilely Basic Interest

Agilely Basic Interest, abbreviated as ABI, is a fundamental component of the Agilely protocol designed to provide users with essential earnings. ABI is accessible to users holding USDA tokens on both the ETH and ARB chains, and its distribution is facilitated regularly.

Distribution Eligibility

To be eligible for ABI distribution, users must meet specific criteria related to their holdings and participation:

  1. USDA Wallet Holders: Users holding a minimum quantity of USDA tokens in their wallets on both the ETH and ARB chains are eligible for ABI distribution.

  2. SSP USDA Stakers: Individuals who have staked USDA tokens in the Smart Stability Pool (SSP) on both the ETH and ARB chains can participate in ABI earnings.

  3. Liquidity Providers on designated DEX: Users providing liquidity to the USDA-TBD on particular Dex can qualify for ABI distribution.

Calculation and Allocation

The distribution ratio is calculated as follows:

Distribution Ratio = Individual User's ABI Available USDA Quantity / Global ABI Available USDA Quantity

This calculation determines the proportion of available ABI earnings that each eligible user can claim. Users have the flexibility to choose on which chain they wish to claim their ABI earnings.

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