Open a vault

This tutorial shows you how to open a vault on Agilely.

  1. Go to and connect your wallet.

  1. Once you've chosen a vault, you'll be taken to the Vault page. To open your vault, simply click on "Mint". On this page, you'll encounter two sections where you can enter numbers. The first section is labeled "Deposit" and the second one is "Borrow" In these sections, you have the flexibility to determine how much collateral you'd like to provide and how much you wish to borrow. You can adjust these values by editing the corresponding fields.

  1. Once you're satisfied with your selections and have reviewed all the relevant stats related to your vault, you can scroll down and hit the "Mint" button to confirm your transaction. it is recommended to maintain a collateral ratio above MCR + 10%.

  1. After successfully creating the vault, you'll be presented with a summary of your newly established vault. It shows the collateral Ratio, liquidation price and ADI of your vault.

Congratulations! You've successfully created your first vault and minted some USDA.

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