On the staking page, users have the option to stake their USDA tokens in the recommended stability pool. The Smart Stability Pool (SSP) module facilitates the allocation of USDA to the stability pool that requires it the most. SSP utilizes an algorithm capable of predicting the deficiency of liquidation assets for each stability pool.

If users wish to stake USDA in other stability pools, a 3% fee will be applied to the staking amount (temperarilly 0% in testnet v0.2). To switch to a different stability pool, start by clicking 'edit,' then select 'I still want to switch assets for staking,' and choose your preferred stability pool. It is highly recommended to stake USDA in the default vault, as it not only maximizes users' profitability but also enhances the protocol's stability.

Once users have successfully staked USDA, information about the stability pools in which they have staked USDA will be displayed in the lower section of the staking page. If there are any liquidation gains available for users to acquire, they can simply click 'claim' or 'claim all.

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